Educational CubeSats deployed from SSETI Express

CubeSat UWE-1
28 October 2005

Aboard the SSETI Express satellite, which was launched yesterday morning, were three educational CubeSat satellites each weighing 1kg and measuring 10x10x10cm.

They are:

  • Ncube2 from Norway
  • XI-V from University of Tokyo in Japan
  • UWE-1 from University of Würzburg in Germany
The flight model of CubeSat XI-V

The satellites were successfully deployed from SSETI Express 64 minutes into the mission and so far signals from XI-V and UWE-1 have been successfully received at their respective ground stations.

CubeSat NCube2

Ncube2 students are still struggling to receive the first life signs from their satellite.

ESA and the SSETI-Association congratulates the cubesat teams on the successful launch and deployment, and wish them the best of luck for the coming operations.

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