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Artist's impression of SSETI Express in orbit

Mission facts

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Role of SSETI Express

SSETI Express is the first ESA student satellite. This project is:

- a technical pre-cursor to the SSETI ESEO micro-satellite, with several essential ESEO sub-systems being flown on-board

- a logistical pre-cursor to the future SSETI micro-satellite projects

- hugely motivational, enhancing the enthusiasm and dedication of students involved in the SSETI Programme

- a pilot project for the SSETI student community and a demonstration of how ESA experts can support student initiatives

- an inspiration for other educational satellite programmes developed by European students

SSETI Express brings together a number of educational and related programmes, academic institutions and commercial industries, thereby expanding the SSETI network for the mutual benefit of all.

Main characteristics

  • Designed, built and operated by European students from 10 universities in nine countries, working in 15 teams
  • Telemetry freely available on the web for download
  • 'Radio Amateur Friendly' mission
  • Launch platform for pico spacecraft

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