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The following documents are of the highest importance for the programme. All the applicants are strongly encouraged to consult these and take them into account while applying:

1. Experiment proposal form, ESA
This document is to be completed during the selection process.

2. LDC summary, ESA
This document summarises the main features of the Large Diameter Centrifuge (LDC).

3. LDC Experimenter User Manual, ESA
This document will be provided to the selected teams with all the information needed to perform the experiments in the LDC facility. The document addresses the general features and operations and gives more technical details and technical data of the LDC in order to facilitate the preparation of the experiment.

4. Experiment report template, ESA
The aim of this document is to serve both as a reference document through the preparation and the execution of the experiment, and as a final report once the programme ends. As a result, this document will be filled in by the students as the project develops and sent to ESA engineers and to ESA's Education Office at specific deadlines.

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