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‘A Space Invader’ on the International Space Station

ESA Education presents ’Pixel your space’, a new resource for primary schools

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A new classroom resource linking art, science and technology is now ready for teachers to download. 'Pixel your space' is a teacher's  guide with pupil activities for children aged 8 to 11 that explores the geometrical components of images in both science and art. 

Through a series of activities, pupils create their own pixel artwork and discover how the number of pixels, or picture elements, impacts how well the image represents the original object. Pupils also learn about various art techniques using geometrical components to build a larger image, from the dots often used in Aboriginal art to the pixels used by the urban artist Invader.

The artist Invader is currently collaborating with ESA, bringing his distinctive pieces of art to the various ESA establishments located across Europe. And that’s not all! In March 2015, during her Futura mission, Samantha Cristoforetti spotted a ‘Space Invader’ floating in the Cupola of the ISS!

Try this new resource with you class today, and if you would like to explore pixels, art and science further, take a look at the brand new ESA Kids competition.

Mosaic art at ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium
Mosaic art at ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium

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