Annual ESA Teacher Workshop

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Every year ESA organises two teacher workshops in the Netherlands, as part of its Education programme. The summer edition takes place in July, and the autumn edition in October. 

The workshops are open to teachers from all ESA Member and Associate States. *

Over the course of a four-day programme, the teachers engage in a number of practical training sessions that demonstrate  how space can be used as an inspirational and content-rich context for the teaching of STEM curricular subjects at school. The sessions are run by expert educators from  ESA’s Education Office and from ESA’s ESERO network.  Space professionals  also give inspiring lectures on the most exciting and up-to-date space themes.

The workshops are partially sponsored by ESA. The relevant forms and more information on the upcoming workshops are published on this website in due course every year.

Find out about the 2017 ESA Teacher Workshops

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