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Do you know your space shapes?

23/02/2016 764 views 6 likes
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Brighten up your primary school geometry classes with the help of Paxi, ESA’s friendly alien, and this fun classroom activity developed for children between the ages of 6 and 10!

Shape explorers’ is our new teacher’s guide with pupil activities for primary school children. Through a series of tasks, children will explore bi-dimensional shapes from the basic shapes such as simple triangles, squares, and circle forms, to more complex shapes and their properties. Pupils will learn how to recognise geometrical shapes in the world around them and in space, and will consolidate their understanding by using a variety of shapes to design a space base on Mars and build a rocket for Paxi to explore our Galaxy.

For those wishing to explore this exciting topic further, a series of linked extension activities is also available.

Try this new activity in your school today, and share the space bases and rockets your pupils design via our Education and Paxi social media channels!

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