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Teachers at the ESA Summer Teacher Workshop 2019

From stardust to the Moon – sparking creativity in Education

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In a year of major anniversaries in the space and science communities, 50 teachers from different ESA Member and Associate States were inspired at the ESA Summer Teacher Workshop. 2019 marks not only the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon but also the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. 

Teachers visiting ESTEC
Teachers visiting ESTEC

Over the course of a four-day programme, primary and secondary teachers explored the Moon, monitored our planet, launched rockets and navigated robots with hands-on activities. Keynote lectures provided teachers with even more inspiration for getting creative in the classroom with space topics. ESA experts presented the future of Moon exploration,emerging space technologies employed to clean up space debris and how the most energetic radiation from space is used to find elements of the periodic table.

Teachers had also the opportunity to visit the ESA ESTEC facilities and to share best practices and experiences with their colleagues. The workshop provided the teachers with tools and classroom activities that use space as an inspiring context for teaching and learning STEM. You can find pictures of the event here

If you are a teacher and are interested in participating in ESA’s teacher training events, check the current opportunities at the ESA Education website. 

Exploring Mars with robots
Exploring Mars with robots