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Celebrating the successful launch of ATV-5

New videos for the classroom to celebrate the successful launch of ATV-5

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Following the exciting launch of the 5th Automated Transfer Vehicle, ESA Education is proud to present a series of new educational videos that secondary school teachers will be able to use in their classroom to illustrate curricular physics and chemistry, and link it to space applications.

The first 5 videos feature the 5 scientists and visionaries after whom the Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV) were named: Jules Vernes, Johannes Kepler, Edoardo Amaldi, Albert Einstein, and Georges Lemaître. With their brilliant intuition, these men proposed concepts that revolutionised science and our understanding of the world.

"ATV Georges Lemaître - The Evolving Universe" video screen shot
"ATV Georges Lemaître - The Evolving Universe" video screen shot

Each being about fifteen minutes long, these documentary-style videos are meant to be a source of inspiration about space, science and space travel. They combine modern science, human spaceflight and curricular subjects, and can be shown in the classroom as an engaging introduction to parts of the secondary level physics curriculum.

Teach with space: a new series of classroom resources

Whoosh bottle video cover
Whoosh bottle video cover

Accompanying the ATV videos is a new set of classroom video resources also produced by ESA Education. The first of a new series of ESA teaching resources called 'Teach with space', these 7 videos show experiments that can be performed in the classroom and that demonstrate the application of basic curricular physics and chemistry topics to real-life space science and engineering, such as rocketry and orbits.

In the late Summer/early Autumn period, ESA Education will publish on this website a series of teachers’ guides and students’ activities to complement the concepts and experiments presented in the videos. This will be useful and  practical for the teachers during their daily teaching of curricular physics and chemistry, and make learning more engaging and appealing.

‘Teach with space’ is  brand new and will grow… so stay tuned!

Doppler effect video screen shot
Doppler effect video screen shot

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