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Teach with space: a new series of classroom resources

02/04/2015 3959 views 2 likes
ESA / Education / Teachers' Corner

ESA Education is proud to present a series of new educational videos that secondary school teachers will be able to use in their classroom to illustrate curricular physics and chemistry, and link it to space applications.

The first of a new series of ESA teaching resources called 'Teach with space', these 7 videos show experiments that can be performed in the classroom and that demonstrate the application of basic curricular physics and chemistry topics to real-life space science and engineering, such as rocketry and orbits.

The concepts and experiments presented in the videos will be complemented by a series of teachers’ guides and students’ activities. Two of these are already available on this website and more will be published soon. This will be useful and practical for the teachers during their daily teaching of curricular physics and chemistry, and make learning more engaging and appealing.

‘Teach with space’ is brand new and will grow… so stay tuned!

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