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Teaching with Earth and space

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During World Space Week 50 primary and secondary school teachers from different ESA Member States and Canada discovered how to incorporate space in their teaching at the ESA Autumn Teacher Workshop 2019. 

Participants explored the Earth from above and how ESA’s Earth observation satellites are monitoring our planet. They also learned about exoplanets, built robotic arms, navigated robots and investigated how to produce rocket fuel from water. Teachers had also the opportunity to meet ESA experts and discuss Moon exploration and who owns space. 

On the last day of the workshop teachers embarked on a voyage to the Moon by attending the ESA Open Day 2019. During the Open Day teachers visited different facilities and laboratories at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  They had the chance to meet ESA astronauts and veteran Apollo astronauts and hear from experts designing future European missions to the Moon and beyond.

Exploring the power from water
Exploring the power from water

This four-day workshop provided teachers with practical classroom activities, online tools, and educational kits that use space themes as an inspiring context for teaching and learning STEM. You can find pictures of the event here

If you are a teacher and are interested in participating in ESA’s teacher training events, check the current opportunities on the ESA Education website.  

Teachers at the ESA Autumn Teacher workshop
Teachers at the ESA Autumn Teacher workshop