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23 teams from 19 European universities in ESA Member States and Cooperating States are currently part of the project. Their involvement and responsibilities will be re-assessed in the System Requirements Review.

University Country Responsibilities
University of Liège Belgium Narrow angle camera payload
Czech Technical University Czech Republic Attitude interface module
University of Tartu Estonia Assembly, integration and verification and satellite operation
SUPAERO France Star Tracker
University of Stuttgart Germany Propulsion system - gas feed (cold gas thruster)
Technical University of Munich Germany LunaNet payload & ground segment
Politecnico di Milano Italy Attitude and orbit control system
Politecnico di Milano Italy Propulsion system - liquid feed (bipropellant thruster)
Warsaw University of Technology Poland Configuration
Warsaw University of Technology Poland Thermal control subsystem
Wroclaw University of Technology Poland Communications system
AGH University of Science and Technology Poland Space environment & effects analysis
Politehnica University of Bucharest Romania Attitude and orbit control system
Politehnica University of Bucharest Romania Structure
University of Bucharest Romania Radiation monitor payload
University of Ljubljana Slovenia Simulator
University of Ljubljana Slovenia Radar payload
University of Maribor Slovenia On-board data handling
University of Oviedo Spain Harness
University of Vigo Spain Ground station
University of Strathclyde UK Mission analysis and flight dynamics
University of Southampton UK Systems engineering
University of Warwick UK Power subsystem

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