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Week 2 in pictures

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The Ground Support Control panel

The second weeks work centre's around ground support testing and the uploading of a special data file YES2's on-board computer.

Fabio's testing

Fabio helps Marco with the Ground Support checks and system testing.

Don't Panic!

The Ground Support software outputs a reassuring message in diagnostic mode.

Our rocket!!

The team stand are shown the Soyuz booster that with send YES2 into low Earth orbit.

Road trip!

The team are invited to the launch of a Japanese satellite on a Proton rocket a few days before launch of YES2.

Proton ready for launch

The Proton rocket on the launch pad ready to go up.

Not all work, work, work ...

the YES2 team take part in a volleyball match with the Russian technicians in a local gym to unwind.

Dry run...

With only a week to go the team take a look at the Soyuz transport rail line and launch platform.

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