Week 3 in pictures - The launch!

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The schedule...

A hectic schedule for everyone involved...

Crammed full

The Foton-M3 scientific module crammed with all the experiments that will be run during the mission.

Watch your fingers...

With the Foton full, the Russian technicians seal the module shut.

Standing tall

The full scale of the Foton module is impressive. Now that the experiments are loaded into the module, preparations begin to move foton into the Soyuz rocket.

A temporary home

The Foton is lifted into the fairing which will sit on top of the Soyuz booster.

Road trip!

The team get ready to take the bus to the launch pad for the launch.

The window seat

The view from the bus on the way to the launch. Now anticipation is really building...

Fill her up!

The Soyuz is fuelled for the last time as it sits on the transport train, ready to be lifted into the vertical.

Say cheese!

Marco takes the time to pictured with the rocket before the lift begins.

...this may take a while...

The slow and delicate lifting process begins...

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