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Herschel-Planck Flight Director J. Dodsworth on console
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ESOC confirms: 'GO' for launch

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MP3 audio recording of ESA/ESOC Flight Operations Director John Dodsworth initiating the 'GO/NO-GO' roll call in the Main Control Room at the European Space Operations Centre. The roll call confirms that all supporting teams at ESOC are ready for Herschel-Planck launch.

Speaking on the Main Control Room voice 'loop', or intercom, at approximately 14:17 CEST today, Herschel-Planck Flight Operations Director John Dodsworth conducted the traditional 'GO/NO-GO' roll call during which all supporting teams at ESOC confirmed their readiness to support today's launch.

Responses on the voice loop came from the Spacecraft Operations Managers (SOMs) Micha Schmidt (Herschel) and Chris Watson (Planck), as well as members of the Flight Control Team, the Flight Dynamics Team, the ESTRACK Ground Operations Manager and the Software Coordinator, among others.

Herschel-Planck launch GO/NO-GO roll call at ESOC (stream mp3)


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