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Short description: EGOS Generic Database System

Summary: DABYS® is part of the EGOS program to standardize the software infrastructure used throughout ESA ground segments and is motivated by the need to standardize the software that is used to manage configuration data.


ESA/ESOC systems and database management applications:

  • rely on configuration data that is prepared offline with different database management application
  • hold similar requirements and purposes but adopt different technologies and technical solutions

DABYS® was previously known as GDBS (Generic DB Software) and consists of:


DABYS® Framework, an EGOS specialised framework for building DB management applications that provides:

  • DABYS® SDE: development environment
  • Generic Data Manager, a data model independent application

DABYS® Data Managers, a set of dedicated DB management applications for specific data models, that is:

  • based on the Generic Data Manager from the DABYS® Framework
  • implemented with the DABYS® SDE (Standard Development Environment)
  • data model dependent


The Generic Data Manager is a generic DB management system that can work with any relational data model, it:

  • Provides functions required in most Data Managers such as editing, reporting, consistency checking, import/export, compare, merge, etc.


  • Is data model independent, using metadata to adapt to the data model at runtime


  • Is configurable and extensible; based on three main components such as RDBMS (MySQL) for data storage, a Server (based in Java) for data processing and a Client (based in Eclipse RCP) for GUI


  • Supports different deployment models such as standalone and Client/server 

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