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The main systems of the ESA ground segment infrastructure (e.g. SCOS-2000®, SIMSAT, station computer, ground station systems) include a variety of applications that support the user needs of monitoring and controlling the status of the system. Currently, each individual product has adopted its own specialised approach and tools for the monitoring and control aspects. 

The EGOS (ESA Ground Operation System) concept has been conceived in order to achieve a harmonised implementation of the future infrastructure of ESA ground segment systems. 

In this light, the EGOS User Desktop aims at providing a harmonized run-time framework for supporting users in monitoring and control activities for all ESA ground segment applications with features such as:

  • Open-source, platform-independent, written in Java, for building "rich-client” applications
  • Runs on multiple operating systems, so it is adaptable to different operational requirements within the ESOC ground segment
  • Native look and feel on major platforms (e.g. Linux, Solaris and Windows)
  • Allows easy tailoring and extension of the basic platform, by means of plug-ins (e.g. in the EUD the displays and the service proxy, according to the operational requirements)

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