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Short description: Suite of ESA mission control system components

The MICONYS® suite includes systems such as: DABYS, DARC, EDDS, FARC, GFTS, MATIS, NIS, SCOS-2000, SFT, SLE API and SMF.


MICONYS® stands for ’Mission Control System’. It is a software suite that includes some of the products developed at ESA/ESOC with the purpose of providing a set of components that support space missions. It is a generic system that can be tailored to the needs of each mission; components can be replaced or enhanced with products from other parties using the documented API standards and protocols.

The idea of MICONYS® is to provide a platform on which these diverse components were tested and are known to work together, reducing the effort and cost in terms of engineering when being deployed for a new mission or environment.

The screenshots show different views of the MICONYS® control system such as the spacecraft controller desktop, monitoring displays and the telemetry history display.

The most recent version of MICONYS® is composed of the following components:

  • DABYS®
  • DARC
  • EDDS
  • FARC
  • GFTS
  • NIS
  • SCOS-2000®
  • SFT
  • SMF
MICONYS TM packet history display
MICONYS TM packet history display

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