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Short description: OPEN Preparation Environment


The OPEN Preparation Environment (OPEN) is supporting the preparation of tailoring data for European Ground Systems Common Core (EGS-CC) based systems. Being a software framework, OPEN is meant to be the foundation of larger software products which are provided to end users, such as AIT engineers or operators.

Operations engineer Colette Pullig
Operations engineer Colette Pullig

The OPEN framework was born from an ESA initiative to streamline and harmonise EGS-CC based preparation environments for spacecraft and ground stations operations teams to manage tailoring data required to operate the data systems. OPEN can however do much further and answer needs for all EGS-CC-based system users.

Being used as the basis of specialised tailoring tools sharing common basic functionalities, OPEN offers the possibility to combine and integrate in a consistent manner specialised tailoring tools from different organisations and develop an eco-system of applications around a commercially friendly framework system.

Extensions for dedicated purposes can complement the framework to form a standalone software application. Should a functionality provided by OPEN require additions, improvements or simply be complemented, the software architecture and license allow to perform modifications of the framework and redistribute it further. The OPEN architecture is modular and as such the final product does not need to include all functions offered by the framework.

For software developers, OPEN is an opportunity to (1) quickly offer basic functionalities to EGS-CC based systems which would otherwise require significant prior investment and (2) focus on the specialised added value. OPEN and its related tools will provide the essential functions to ESA but (a) do not cover all use cases and (b) are relatively basic and limited. Extensions to OPEN do not need to be shared and can remain fully proprietary.

OPEN is the backbone of the OPEN-M preparation environment for all ESOC’s Flight Control Teams using EGS-CC based Mission Control Systems; and the OPEN-S preparation environment for ESOC’s ground station operators. Additionally, a future tailoring environment for AIT engineers based on OPEN (Mission Model Editor – MME) is implemented at ESTEC. Along with the deployment of EGS-CC based Monitoring and Control Systems, OPEN is intended to ultimately become the basis of all preparation environments of all ESA spacecraft and ground stations operated at ESOC.

The framework provides generic functions, that all users and applications should need for tailoring EGS-CC data, as well as the basis to develop additional functionality. The generic functions include basic services for data management, such as access control, version control, reporting, consistency checking, scripting, data compare and merging. OPEN also provides MMIs for common user oriented tasks and a few editors and browsers for viewing and editing the data definitions, tailored for the EGS-CC monitoring and control models.

The framework is made available under a commercial-friendly ESA community software license.

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