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Short description: Operations Preparation Environment for EGS-CC-based missions.

OPEN-M is a software application based on OPEN, the OPEN Preparation Environment framework, for all ESOC’s Flight Control Teams using EGS-CC based Mission Control Systems. Along with the deployment of EGS-CC based Mission Control Systems, OPEN-M is intended to ultimately become the preparation environment of all ESA spacecraft operated at ESOC.


OPEN-M includes EGS-CC tailoring data editors and browsers to support the needs of the Flight Control Teams. OPEN-M is included in MICONYS-CC, the ESOC’s Mission Control System software suite for EGS-CC based systems.

OPEN-M is made available under a commercial-friendly ESA community software license.

Main functionalities:

  • Management of all EGS-CC Tailoring Data required for the execution of EGS-CC based systems.
    • Monitoring and Control Activities, Telemetry and Telecommand packets, Synthetic Engineering Parameters, Activity Lists, Calibrations, Checks, Scripts, etc.
  • All functionalities from the OPEN Preparation Environment framework.
    • Access control, Version control, Data compare and merging, Consistency checking, Scripting, Reporting, etc.
  • Visualisation of the EGS-CC Tailoring Model (also known as CDM).
  • Import of SCOS-2000 MIB format.
    • Includes tailoring data conversion from SCOS-2000 to EGS-CC Tailoring Model.
  • Import of EGC-CC native data exchange format.
  • Export to EGOS-CC Mission Control Systems.



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