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Short description: Suite of satellite simulators


SIMULUS-M is composed of the UMF (Universal Modelling Framework) and a set of Eclipse plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE environment. These plugins can be used to model, code-generate, compile, deploy and debug SMP2 simulators.

There are also companion plug-ins that assist in the generation of the due documentation (requirements and design-level documentation).

The main ingredients of SIMULUS-M are:

  1. An integrated UML-based modelling tool
  2. A set of importers to bootstrap the design process (e.g. requirements import) or to allow re-use of existing SMP2 artefacts (e.g. catalogue import)
  3. A set of validators that help identify problems early
  4. A set of generators, including documentation, catalogue, package and SMP2 C++ code generators
  5. Deployment of SMP2 model binaries and associated SMP2 artefacts to SIMSAT
  6. A dependency and build management approach that enables cross-platform large-scale modular simulation developments with both source and binary deployments, and
  7. Integration with the Eclipse C++ development environment


Last but not least, all SIMULUS-M tools are available via both a UI and the command line. The latter enables, for example, batch processing or automation within a modern software engineering approach, such as continuous integration with automated quality analyses and automated testing.

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