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At the heart of TEVALIS is the Ground Systems Test and Validation infrastructure (GSTVi). GSTVi provides a family of test components for testing of ground systems during all phases of development, integration, configuration, upgrade, and operation. 

GSTVi can be considered a reference implementation of Packet Utilisation Services:

  1. Telecommand Verification Service
  2. Event Reporting Service
  3. Memory Management Service
  4. Time Management Service
  5. On-Board Operations Scheduling Service
  6. Packet Forwarding Control Service
  7. On-Board Storage and Retrieval Service

Depending on its configuration and deployment, the GSTVi system replaces the space segment and/or parts of the ground segment by a collection of software components. GSTVi can be used to simulate the complete operational chain from the Mission Control System (MCS) to the spacecraft and back.

The systems under test are introduced in the chain and interface with the appropriate GSTVi models.

As highlighted in dark blue, GSTVi contains the following components: spacecraft model (SCM), EGSE interface, IMBU interface, TTC streams, Mission Control System Direct Interface (MCSDIF), Space Link Extension Ground Models (SGM), TMTCS Direct Interface (TIF), Network Interface Model (NISM) and an Mission Control System Model (MCSM).

In addition, specific GSTVi configurations are used to connect the MCS with the Electrical Ground Support Equipment /Front End Electronics (EGSE/FEE ) during System Validation Tests (SVT).

For instance, supporting GSTVi components such as the Recorder and Replayer are not shown. The Integrated Modem and Baseband Unit( IMBU) is actually a hardware unit and is interfaced by a special IMBU I/F component.

TEVALIS contains aligned and compatible versions of GSTVi, SIMSAT, Ground Models and the SLE API in order to provide a consistent solution for your project.

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