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General eligibility criteria to participate in the SysNova initiative are the following:

  • The bidder shall respond to two or more Technology Reference Studies described in the Statement of Work. Technology Reference Studies #1 and #2 cannot be addressed together.
  • The Challenge Response(s) submitted by the bidder shall comply with the target price defined in the cover letter to this ITT.
  • Use of any facilities in industry, universities and research institutes is allowed but material costs should not exceed 10% of total budget.
  • The entity proposed to act as contract prime and all subcontractors shall be based in an ESA Member State.
  • Each institution or industry can participate in only one Study Team.
  • Large Subsystems Integrators (LSI) may act as contract prime if at no cost to the Agency, or may be subcontractors providing specialised support, but not both at the same time.
  • The Study Team shall include a Senior researcher and a Junior researcher and an industry core team.
  • Challenge Responses shall not exceed 20 pages in length, including abstract, technical description and discussion, diagrams and pictures and up to 3 pages dedicated to the travel and subsistence expenses plan and the presentation of the team (10 additional pages are allowed for attachments i.e. CVs, reference to research papers etc.).
  • The Challenge Response shall include a first iteration of the full work (described in Annex A to the Statement of Work for each Technology Reference Study) plus a presentation of the team institutions, members and respective roles in the study. The proposals shall be structured following the contents of the technical notes described in the Statement of Work.
  • The Challenge Response shall provide evidence of collaboration between both academic and industrial players within the proposed teams, and in the context of the mission concept and technology assessment studies.
  • The proposing team shall confirm their availability for discussion during a Final Review at ESTEC or a TBD ESA site, in the event that one of the Technology Reference Studies in the Challenge Response is selected for further definition work towards a Challenge Analysis.

Proposals not complying with these criteria will not be accepted for evaluation.

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