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Scientists and engineers at ESA have produced a wide range of papers, presentations and other articles about space and energy.

Determination of wind energy from SAR images for siting windmill locations  Johannessen, O.M. and Korsbakken, Erik   1998
Concepts for wireless energy transmission via laser Summerer, Leopold and Purcell, Oisin 2008
Solar power from space - an energy source meeting the demand of a hydrogen-based society Summerer, Leopold and Lang, Martin 2003
Advanced space technology for 21st century energy systems: solar power from space Summerer, Leopold and Ongaro, Franco 2005
Peter Glaser Lecture: Space and a sustainable 21st century energy system Ongaro, Franco and Summerer, Leopold 2006
Assessment of an integrated space-terrestrial solar-based Euro-Asian energy system Summerer, Leopold; Vasile, Massimiliano, and Ongaro, Franco 2004
Space and Energy - Current Status and Outlook Signorini, C., Duvaux-Bechon, I. and Summerer, L. 2012
Space Solar Energy Gokalp, Iskender 2002
Solar Power from Space: European strategy in the light of sustainable development Hendriks, Chris et al. 2004
Space and terrestrial solar power sources for large-scale Hydrogen production - A comparison Summerer, Leopold 2003
Roles of solar power from space for Europe: Space exploration and combinations with terrestrial solar power plant concepts Summerer, Leopold; Ayre, Mark; Galvez, Andres; Ongaro, Franco. 2004
Legal aspects of solar power satellites Achilleas, Philippe; Farand, Andre; Marescaux, Elisabeth; Summerer, Leopold 2003
Solar power from space - Validation of options for Europe Summerer, Leopold and Ongaro, Franco 2004
Making the first steps forwards solar power from space - microgravity experiments testing the deployment of large antennas Summerer, Leopold et al 2009
Space power generation with a tether heat-engine Bombardelli, Claudio and Menon, Carlo 2007
ESA work on solar power from space: concluded and ongoing activities Advanced Concepts Team - ESA 2008
Biomass-based fuel cells for manned space exploration Hamelers, Bert et al 2005