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Medical assistant takes instruction from remote doctor
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Emergency and disaster medicine

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Minitiarized sensors and diagnostics equipment with data transfer capabilities are some of the common devices required both for human spaceflight as well as for medical operations during terrestrial emergencies and disasters.
A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).
  • SECOM - Satellite Enhanced Coverage of Mobimed
    To enable remote monitoring, in an ambulance, of patient vital signs, assessment of diagnostic quality ECG's and any relevant patient history.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • Telemedicine-via-Satellite for Commercial Aviation
    Management of Medical Emergency for Commercial Aviation will be aimed to develop, integrate and validate, in a pre-operational pilot, a portable telemedicine system to support diagnosis from on-board of civil aircrafts.
    Contact: Pierluigi.Mancini @ More info »»


  • I-DISCARE - DELTASS for operational users community
    aims at proposing DELTASS to operational users community first on a free basis & afterwards on a commercial basis.
    Contact: Giovanni.Garofalo @ More info »»


  • DELTASS - Disaster Emergency Logistic Telemedicine Advanced Satellite System
    To improve the benefits & efficiency of the management of the rescue, first medical aid and emergency operations in disaster situations like earthquakes or explosions.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • NESA - Next-generation Emergency Satellite Assistance
    On-field radiology & diagnosis with digital X-Ray apparatus and vital signs devices on-board an emergency vehicle. Communications via satellite facilitating remote analysis and diagnosis.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • TELANY - Telemedicine Anyware
    Telemedicine support for routine care, pathological needs, & continuous follow up of patients at their location, as well as emergency and on-field telemedicine scenarios in extreme cases
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • Satellite Enhanced Coverage of MobiMed for Helicopter Air Ambulances
    Completed project to confirm the viability through realistic flight trials of satellite communications technology and improve medical services provided to the oil and gas industry through continuous ECG monitoring of patients during helicopter evacuation from oil-platforms in the North Sea
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • IEMN - Integrated Emergency Medicine Network
    To develop, implement & test a multi-tier emergency service to serve as the basis of a province-wide emergency medicine network.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


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