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Prophylactic measures to prevent onset of disease or deterioration of the human organism are of primary importance, both in human spaceflight as on terrestrially. Countermeasures, such as special exercise, may prevent or delay deterioration of muscle fibre and bone due to long periods of weightlessness or of an immobile patient or a handicapped person.

Corrective measures, or administration of treatment, may also make use of space assets for implementation e.g. where the patient is remotely separated from the practitioner as in the case of human spaceflight or remote areas, methods of tele-treatment may be called for. As an example, methods of tele-assisted surgery are now being developed for such situations.

A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).

  • T2 - Second Treadmill
    Development and installation of a second treadmill on ISS. Bilateral project between NASA and ESA. More info »»


  • FWED - Flywheel Exercise Device
    Development and evaluation of a new form of exercise device designed for use in microgravity. Currently housed in Columbus on board the ISS, a terrestrial model has formed the basis for the design of the flight model. More info »»


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