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Even in deep space man needs to fulfil his basic needs. Therefore the food provided to the astronauts becomes an especially relevant issue when considering the ancient dream of manned missions to other planets.

Many complications arise when restrictions and requirements of human spaceflight constrain what an astronaut eats, such as limited space, weight, time to prepare a meal, and keeping healthy (nutrition), keeping for a long time (preservation), to mention but a few challenges faced.

Terrestrially, there are many analogous situations where many of these requirements should also be met, such as survival situations, exploration, mountain climbing, the battlefield, research and holiday traveling with backpack, sailboats, etc.


  • Aurora Spacefood Preparation & Process Optimisation
    Food in space requires special consideration regarding nutritional value, preservation, size and weight, and preparation. These are similar needs in many exploration and survival scenarios on Earth where these parameters are also of importance. More info »»


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