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Whether a space explorer is in a remote part of the Solar System, or a person is in a region on Earth without medical expertise, satellite telecommunications and human spaceflight both support the development of tele-education, facilitating a patient or a medical practitioner to access medical information, and improve his/her knowledge and skills remotely.

Remote medical education encompasses a wide area of applications and services. On one extreme there is the need for near-real-time access to critical information as the need arises, where expertise and knowledge of the particular problem at hand is required; a general health practitioner, or even a layman, may reach for advice as needed. On the other extreme, this medium enables an alternative avenue for longer-term education for those seeking it where no local means are available. This applies to all levels of medical practitioners from medical specialist to nursing aid, or even the non-expert citizen.Satellite communications provide an ideal means for remote education where ground-based Internet or other communications systems are not available or not ideally suited as an enabling medium for tele- or remote education.A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).
  • HERMES - Tele-Medicine using asymmetrical Internet via satellite
    HERMES aims at implementing pilot operations both in Tele-Medicine and in Tele-Education, using asymmetrical Internet via satellite, dedicated hardware / software platforms. Applications implemented for Tele-Medicine are: ● Reference Data and Medical Support Services ● Multimedia patient record ● Teleconsulting (one to one and/or multipoint)
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • SIMONA - Collaboration between two hospitals on paediatric oncology
    A collaborative infrastructure to enable two hospitals in Rome & Baghdad to teach new protocols, assess clinical outcomes, provide second opinion, support clinical research.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • TEMOS - Telemedicine for the Mobile Society
    aims at establishing a globally active satellite-based competence network that optimises medical care in the mobile society.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • HERMES - Tele-Education, using asymmetrical Internet via satellite
    Aim: Implementing pilot operations both in Tele-Medicine and in Tele-Education, using asymmetrical Internet via satellite, dedicated hardware / software platforms. Applications implemented for Tele-education are: ● GIOTTO Platform ● Technological Platform Evolv-e
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • RCST - Remote Communities Services Telecentre
    A shared-use facility (tele-centre) implemented in remote communities to enable, amongst other services, telelearning and telehealth facilities.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • HPS - Mars 500 Human Patient Simulator
    HPS is a medical operations related project designed to examine the efficacy of using a simulated human manikin for medical skills training & assessment. The manikin has been designed for terrestrial use but is being modified for use in space.
    Contact: S.Evetts @ More info »»


  • Telemedicine-via-Satellite: Professional Medical Education
    Study of interconnectivity for Healthcare Services and Professional Medical Education bridging Communities in Eastern and Western Europe
    Contact: Pierluigi.Mancini @ More info »»


  • HIS - Health Information Services
    HIS is a television- & IP-based information platform addressing patients in waiting rooms and doctors in surgeries, utilizing satellite communications.
    Contact: Giovanni.Garofalo @ More info »»


  • MAYFLOWER - Delivery of courses in Medicine via satellite, for university students and nurses.
    Delivery of courses in Medicine via satellite, for university students & nurses.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • SANTTSUR - Delivery of medical courses via interactive TV
    To deliver medical courses of live, interactive TV programmes to selected hospital centres, based on a modular syllabus, and utilising voice, email, chat, and video-conferencing.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • EMN.NET - European Medical Network
    The EMN has been formed to create a distance-learning service for the medical professions in Europe; at its core is a menu-driven digital satellite broadcast combined with an Internet service.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • HPS IN HOME - Healthtrack Professional Service in Home
    Provision of professional healthcare services to general practitioners directly to their homes via interactive television (iTV) application.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • HPS IN SURGERY - Healthtrack Professional Service in Surgery
    A satellite based broadband network connecting medical General Practitioners (GPs), hospital consultants and pharmacies with the pharmaceutical industry and other service providers in the sector.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • SKYNURSE - Operating centre for delivery of distance education and residential courses for nursing personnel
    intends to develop an operating centre for the delivery of distance education & residential courses directed at nursing personnel in non-EU countries in order to employ the trained personnel in EU hospitals and health care centres.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • SKYMED - Pilot service of advanced satellite based e-Learning system to support Continuing Medical Education (CME) services
    Initiative launched dedicated to develop & operate on a pilot service phase an advanced satellite based e-Learning system to support Continuing Medical Education (CME) services.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • SM@RT - Satellite Medical Applications for Regional Terminals
    Aimed at developing & deploying a vertical Video Portal system targeted at Scientific Societies, Health Care and Pharmaceutical organizations.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • V4DL - VideoSat for Distance Learning
    aims at exploiting satellite broadband and broadcast capabilities to provide value-added services for Continuing Medical Education via Satellite.
    Contact: Giovanni.Garofalo @ More info »»


  • MULTIMED - Remote access to high fidelity medical simulation services
    The MultiMED project is designed to provide remote access to the high fidelity medical simulation services at the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC).
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


  • EUROMEDNET - Telemedicine Operation Centre (TOC)
    A telemedicine oprations center facilitating medical stations to be remotely controllable together allowing services such as information access, booking, automatic scheduling, communications, confidentiality of data.
    Contact: Francesco.Feliciani @ More info »»


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