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Effective diagnostics and treatment must be supported by effective collection and access of patients’ health data, distribution of medicines, and sharing of information. Information technologies, together with telecommunications systems, contribute towards achieving these goals.


A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).
  • TESHEALTH – TElemedicine Services for HEALTH
    TESHEALTH is a telemedicine project promoting the use of satellite communications aimed at preventing and reducing the impacts of chronic diseases, improve life styles and empower citizens to adopt a right healthy behaviour.
    Contact: health @ More info »»


  • WEBGM - Web Global Medical System
    The main objective is the availability of a common base of multimedia data relevant to any patient in any institution connected to the WEBGM network.
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  • EUROMEDNET - Telemedicine Operation Centre (TOC)
    A telemedicine oprations center facilitating medical stations to be remotely controllable together allowing services such as information access, booking, automatic scheduling, communications, confidentiality of data.
    Contact: health @ More info »»


  • TELANY - Telemedicine Anyware: Data management component
    This project takes care of the data management component of handling the data in a triage situation (TELANY - Emergency component). The data flows include medical, telecommunications and software information.
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