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Although not widely known, ESA supports the public health of the citizens of Europe using its broad selection of assets at its disposal. A glimpse into the domains of public health and the diverse projects supported by the Agency is provided below.

Disease surveillance

As travel becomes faster and cheaper, so too is the ease of spread of disease. Coordinated surveillance of epidemics and early warning of their onset are key to limiting and halting their deleterious effects. Full story »»

Disaster relief and emergency management

The key to successful disaster relief is speedy collection of relevant information and quick distribution and sharing of this data with those managing the operations and those carrying out the difficult tasks of relief and rescue. Full story »»

Patient management

Effective diagnostics and treatment must be supported by effective collection and access of patients’ health data, distribution of medicines, and sharing of information. Information technologies, together with telecommunications systems, contribute towards achieving these goals. Full story »»

Strategy and policy

Providing solutions across the complex domain of public health cannot effectively evolve without coordinated strategy across the myriad organisations and political will within and between countries. Full story »»