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Where is the future market? How can space continue to help with the health of the citizen? What are the needs of the market? The Agency is continuously working towards creating a strategy and policy to serve the needs of the stakeholders.

Understanding the market needs for potential services made possible via the innovative technologies and assets of space is key to strategic planning for future R&D that can optimise the use of future space assets and technologies developed in conjunction with the Agency’s programmes and activities.


A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).

  • ASSIST – Assessment and evaluation tools for Telemedicine
    ASSIST is a Telemedicine projects’ evaluation toolkit based on a multi-stakeholders, socio-economic cost/benefit analysis. The ultimate goal of the activity is to provide clear, relevant and impartial information to be used for evidence-based decision making concerning the migration of pilot services into real, operational undertakings.
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  • TTF - Telemedicine Task Force for sub-Saharan Africa
    This TTF was set up to investigate the potential for satellite telecommunication technology as a tool for supporting healthcare systems in sub-Saharan Africa. It is composed of the relevant African Organizations, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Commission (EC) & ESA.
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  • Market and Regulatory Study on Telemedicine via Satellite
    The overall aim of this study was to provide a comprehensive review of the telemedicine market and perform an in-depth analysis of the regulatory frameworks affecting telemedicine in general and via satellite in particular.
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  • Telemedicine 2010: Visions for a Personal Medical Network
    The TMA is a cooperation between the EC (DG-INFSO), the WHO (Europe), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and ESA (D/HME). The purpose was to create a vision for healthcare utilising ICT, and formulate a set of recommendations directed to the EC and to EU Member State governments. The goal of the Vision was to empower and place the citizen at the centre of health services.
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  • Telemedicine Alliance (TMA)/TMA-Bridge - Towards Interoperable eHealth for Europe
    Following on from the Vision formulated by the Telemedicine Alliance (TMA), this project tackled one of the main roadblocks to eHealth, namely interoperability. Recommendations on how to move forwards were made to the EC as well as to the EU Member States' ministries of health.
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