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Topical Team on Robot Assisted Surgery

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A Topical Team's main objective is to attain an effective co-ordination of the activities of the different research groups represented by the Team members through the organisation of ad-hoc meetings. Such meetings enable an efficient exchange of the most recent scientific results obtained by the different groups, and aim at agreeing on research priorities.

Topical Team Objectives

This TT proposes to reach a first step towards medical curative technologies required for future space missions but also for terrestrial applications. Assisted surgery being a wide and broad field, the team will develop a consolidated overview of assisted surgery activities relevant for space applications and will then provide detailed recommendations for different key sub-domains such as:
  • robotics
  • telecommunications
  • medical navigation capabilities
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • etc.
Such recommendations shall help ESA to define accurately technology fields where the Agency should acquire a strong expertise in a near future.To do so, this topical team is bringing together scientists and researchers involved in such sub-domains, including experts with a strong knowledge in surgery, microsurgery and telemedicine in operational contexts.

Start date: April2008

Duration: 12 months

Estimated end date: April 2009

Study leader: LIRMM (France)

ESA contacts Arnaud Runge - Arnaud.Runge @ esa.int
Life & Physical Sciences Instrumentation Section (TEC-MMG)

Patrik Sundblad - Patrik.Sundblad @ esa.int
Life Sciences Unit (HME-GAL)

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