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Sunlight, so necessary for humans, our food, and the planet we live on, can also sometimes be harmful - e.g. UV radiation - unless we understand why and when and are adequately warned.


A list of recent and current projects supported by ESA is given below. Further detail on some of the project is provided where it appears with hyperlink (further descriptions will be provided in the near future).

  • HappySun - HappySun
    service conceived to offer to the tourist who decides to stay in Italy or in other Mediterranean countries information about the intensity of UV solar radiation and about the sea surface temperature. Such information are useful not only to fully enjoy the environment and climate, but also, like in the case of UV radiation, to avoid painful troubles like solar erythema, better known as "sunburns".
    Contact: Gordon.Campbell @   More info »»  


  • Envisolar - Earth Observation for Solar Industry
    The health-related objectives of this project include basic research e.g. relationship of UV to skin cancer, or the lack of sunlight & vitamin-D and its relationship with Osteoporosis.Applications for health include e.g. providing windows of time for safe exposure in UV critical regions
    Contact: Pierre-Philippe.Mathieu @   More info »»  


NO2 levels over Europe - zoom for detail
NO2 levels over Europe - zoom for detail