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Research being carried out in conjunction with preparing our astronauts to survive the conditions of spaceflight is also contributing towards terrestrial applications towards wellness of humans terrestrially.

Taking care of our health has, in the past, been mainly about successfully diagnosing and treating disease and making corrective interventions.

Increasingly, our society is realizing that a healthy lifestyle combined with appropriate prophylactic measures can play a very important role in preventive disease and deterioration of the human organism in the first place.


Exercise, as a prophylactic measure to prevent onset of disease or deterioration of the human organism, is of primary importance, both in long-duration exposure of weightlessness of human spaceflight as it is terrestrially. Full story »»


It is increasingly becoming clear that a well-balanced healthy diet is one of the best measures to prevent disease and facilitate overall wellness of the human organism, whether in the confines of human spaceflight or on Earth. Full story »»

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