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CDTI is a public entity under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Its core competencies are the funding of industrial R&D projects and the management of international programs across multiple disciplines. The overall aim of CDTI is to increase the capabilities and competitiveness of Spanish companies, and to foster the participation of Spanish industry in international cooperation programs. CDTI implements the government technology policy through its own industrial R&D program, including the definition of a set of funding programs, project evaluation and project follow-up.

The international activity of CDTI is organized within the Directorate of International Programs. Here, several departments are involved in programs such as Horizon 2020 (with national Representatives and NCPs in all the themes within the Pillars “Industrial Leadership” and “Societal Challenges” and part of “Excellent Science”), bilateral and multilateral R&D programs within and outside Europe, ESA programmes (through CDTI delegates nominated in all the ESA boards where Spain participates), and at research infrastructures like as CERN, Fusion for Energy, ESO, etc., where CDTI acts as expert to the delegation and Industrial Liaison Officer.

The Department of Aerospace Programs manages around 75% of the national public investments in Space. Main responsibilities include the:

  • official representation of Spain at ESA (a task that is performed since 1986, currently together with the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Tourism as Head of Delegation);
  • representation in the joint Space Council ESA-European Union (EU) aimed at elaborating the European Space Policy;
  • technical representation at EU Commission and Council bodies dealing with space; and
  • management of bilateral cooperation programs with third countries in the space sector.


The Department of Aerospace Programs has prepared strategic plans for both space and aeronautics sectors in Spain, and has a working relationship with the entire Spanish space sector, as well as with the European space community. It has participated in all the major discussions on space technology and policy in Europe for the last decades, including both EU programmes (FP, H2020, Galileo, Copernicus) and ESA programmes. It is also the main government institution for technical expertise on space matters for international discussions, such as ISEF, COPUOS, International Code of Conduct, etc. Additionally, the Department of Aerospace Programmes is in charge of the technological return derived from the Spanish participation in international Research Infrastructures.

CDTI employs more than 300 people, most of them holding graduate and engineering degrees. CDTI headquarters are located in Madrid, and the center activities are supported by a network of twelve offices located worldwide. 

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