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ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology

ESA’s Electrical Engineering Department deals with a number of aspects of space disciplines and associated technologies at system and subsystem related to:

  • end-to-end Radio Frequency (RF) systems for and techniques for the various space application domains
  • security engineering
  • Earth observation instruments, telecommunications and navigation payloads and associated equipment and antennas
  • user ground segment equipment and technologies for navigation and telecom
  • microwave and microelectronics technologies and components
  • high accuracy time and frequency references and associated tools and techniques
  • electromagnetics and wave interaction aspects
  • Telemetry Tracking & Control transponders, Payload Data Transmission and associated system aspects
  • on-board computers, memories, data handling for payloads and platforms
  • on-board power systems (energy storage, power generation and management)
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility aspects
  • space environment.

The Department provides essential technical support to all ESA programmes (Navigation, Earth Observation, Telecom, Science, and Exploration) and to the competitiveness of Member States industry through dedicated R&D programmes.

The electrical engineering activities are supported by a team of about 250 highly specialised people and a number of dedicated laboratories.

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