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Method and apparatus for analysing time series data

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555 - Abstract:
The European Space Agency has developed a method and apparatus for analysing time series data. This technology can be used in transport, electric and communications industries to perform data analysis and look for anomalies in telemetric data and to correlate parameters involved in these anomalies improving manual search times. License agreement collaboration is sought.

Description of the offer:

Data analysis methods for anomaly investigation are used to analyse telemetry history looking for a parameter anomaly, e.g. when a parameter crosses a noticeable threshold, and try to identify anomaly causes and patterns that help engineers to prevent it from recurring in the future or to minimise the effects of the anomaly.


This technology offers two functionalities:

  • Pattern matching: the user defines some patterns of a parameter and the system looks for this anomaly with some flexibility (as anomaly behaviours are never exactly the same).
  • Correlator: this functionality allows the identification of telemetry parameters that are involved in an anomaly. 

Innovations and advantages:

  • It saves up to 20%-30% effort reduction in performing anomaly investigation
  • It improves the process and, thanks to the fact that it offers a faster and better response, it reduces the costs of the investigation process and may also avoid severe costs due to an abnormality aggravation.

Commercialisation aspects:

Applications and Markets

The technology is interesting to analyse the reasons for power outages or other services failures, traffic jams, financial events, medical applications or a malfunctioning of a tested product.

It is also useful for benefiting from the results obtained by means of forecasting to prevent the same anomalies from happening again.

Intellectual property status

Currently patented (France, Germany, United Kingdom and the USA)

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