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The IP1553 IP core implements a Mil-Std-1553 interface. It is compatible with the MIL-STD-1553B (notice 2) protocol and manages three different working modes:
- Bus Controller,
- Remote Terminal, and
- Bus Monitor.
It can be used to develop equipment for Space Applications.


The main features provided by the IP1553 IP Core are:
- Full MIL-STD-1553B compliance
- Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT), and Bus Monitor (BM) capability
- Dual redundant bus capability
- Fully compatible with an AMBA bus interface
- Programmable non response time-out (14 μs or 31 μs)
- Loop test for transmission checking
- Illegal commands management (in RT mode)

Modes of operation

Coupling between the Application and the 1553B busses, using the IP1553 IP Core
Coupling between the Application and the 1553B busses, using the IP1553 IP Core

The IP1553 has a dual bus capability and operates as an autonomous unit in all three modes:
Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT), or Bus Monitor (BM).

- Bus Controller mode:
As a Bus Controller, the IP1553 can initiate all types of 1553B transfers on either the nominal or redundant bus. It has also a lot of programming facilities, such as conditional and unconditional Jumps, Subprograms management, automatic retry. This "microprocessor like" programming facilities drastically improve the IP1553 autonomy and reduce the need for the Application to take care of bus management.

- Remote Terminal mode:
As a Remote Terminal, the IP1553 accepts all options and mode commands specified by the MIL-STD-1553B protocol. In addition, the transfer commands (including mode commands), may optionally be illegalized through dedicated Characterization words.
In the Remote Terminal mode, the IP1553 offers a high level of autonomy. 1553B transfers is controlled by the IP1553 on a Sub Address based splitting scheme. The Application can allow multiple buffers which sizes are defined by Sub Address. The IP1553 provides a Control Word that ensures the completion and the validity of the message and an Information Word giving dating and the address where data were stored.

- Bus Monitor Mode:
As a Bus Monitor, the IP1553 monitors the entire bus activity and gives any associated information to the Application. The IP1553 monitors each 1553B word transferred on both buses, and stores it with an associated Identification word. The Identification word provides the Application with additional information (Command/Status or Data word type, error type, dating).
The IP1535 also features microprocessors compatibility providing a standard AMBA AHB and APB Application interface.

Area and speed

Example of a typical IP1553 based on a 1553B bus coupling module.
Example of a typical IP1553 based on a 1553B bus coupling module.

Area on Xilinx Virtex-E:
2000 LUT, 500 DFF, 18 ext. I/O

Special licensing conditions

A Mil-Std-1553 interface is available for ESA internal use only. It can be licensed directly from Astrium SAS, Velizy, France (contact Marc Souyri).

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