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Microelectronic Presentation Days (02/2004) - ESTEC

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This page contains the topics during the second Edition of the Microelectronic Presentation Days on 4th and 5th of February 2002.

1st Day - 4th of February 2004





  • The SEUs Perl Tool
    Author/Company: Daniel Gonzalez Gutierrez, ESTEC Microelectronics Section (pdf)








  • SpaceWire Router
    Author/Company: Stephan Fischer, Paul Rastetter, Tim Pike, EADS Astrium Munich (D), Gerald Kempf, Austrian Aerospace Vienna (A), Steve Parkes, University of Dundee (GB) (pdf)




2st Day - 5th of February 2004





    Author/Company: Franck Koebel, EADS-ASTRIUM (Vélizy, F) and IXSEA (F) (pdf)








    Author/Company: Gunnar Maehlum, S. Mikkelsen, N. Pavlov, Ideas (N) (pdf)


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