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Microelectronics activities presented at TEC-ED/SW Presentation Days

This page groups the activities presented in the past TEC-ED/SW presentation days and which are related to developments in the field of microelectronics. This includes all TEC-EDM activities plus other relevant activities managed by different ESA sections.

09-10 December 2014

  • More information available here


21-22 May 2014

  • “CREOLE ASIC” for Single Board Computer Core, Ruag Space
  • Wireless Passive Sensors for Monitoring Systems, Selex
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11 September 2013

  • CWICOM Final Presentation - A Highly Integrated & Innovative CCSDS Wavelet Image COMpression ASIC, Astrium (F) (presentation)


27-28 May 2013

  • ESA-CNES deep sub-micron program ST 65nm (KIPSAT phase 1) STM(F), Laurent Dugoujon (presentation)
  • Multi-Project Wafer for Space Atmel (F), V. Briot (presentation)
  • CCSDS Image Compression ASIC (CWICOM) EADS ASTRIUM (F), TSDev Napoli (I), Jean-Luc Poupat (presentation)
  • Tools to improve SET mitigation in ACTEL ProASIC FPGAs (Flash based) Politecnico di Torino (I), Luca Sterpone (presentation)
  • High capacity, high speed IC test system for automatic fault injection and analysis (FT-UNSHADES2, FT-U2) U. of Seville (E), M. Aguirre (presentation)


05-06 December 2012

  • Next Generation Microprocessor Functional Prototype Aeroflex Gaisler (S), J. Andersson (presentation)
  • SCOC3: Spacecraft Controller on a Chip with LEON3, a SoC for platform computers Astrium (F), A. Lefevre (presentation)
  • SoCRocket - A novel virtual platform fro LEON-based SoCs C3E Braunschweig (D), T. Schuster (presentation)


25-26 April 2012

  • Design, Manufacturing, Characterisation and Qualification of the AT697 flight device Atmel (F), Bancelin (presentation)
  • Fast Fourier Transform Co-processor (FFTC) - towards embedded GFLOPs Astrium (D) (presentation)
  • Leon Microcontroller Sitael (I) (presentation)


12 October 2011

  • High Resolution 24bit DAC at 1 kHz for Space Applications ISD (Gr), C. Papadas (presentation)
  • Radiation Hardened by Design ASIC Library (DARE 90 / DARE 180) Porting, Qualification, Procurement and Maintenance IMEC (BE), G. Thys (presentation)


27 June 2011

  • CANOpen Controller IP Core Sitale (I) (presentation)
  • Alphasat/I-XL Processor Central Controller (Multi-DSP/Micro-Processor Architecture - MDPA Astrium (D) (presentation)