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The AMBA Bus System

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For all SOC developments involving on-chip digital data communications, an embedded bus system must be defined. The AMBA AHB/APB bus is specified in the AMBA(TM) Specification (Rev 2.0),ARM IHI 0011A, 13th May 1999, issue A, first release, ARM Limited. AMBA is a trademark of ARM Limited. AMBA AHB/APB has been selected by ESA as the preferred bus system; the LEON processor, as well as most other IP-cores available from the Agency have been made compliant to this standard.

As the standard leaves certain parameters and implementation details to the discretion of the user, an ESA specific implementation of AMBA is defined in the following VHDL package, and an example AMBA system using the AMBA package is given thereafter:


  • AMBA VHDL package (vhd)
  • Example of an AMBA system (vhd)

Files is under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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