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VDHL models for board-level simulation

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This page contains the VHDL source code examples (see below, Related links) described in the document VHDL Models for Board-level Simulation. The document provides recommendations for development and usage of VHDL models intended for Board-level simulation. All models for Board-level simulation delivered to ESA should be developed in accordance with VHDL Modelling Guidelines.

Board-level simulation can be defined as simulating the functionality of one or several printed circuit boards built with standard components, possibly incorporating Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASIC, and Application Specific Standard Products, ASSP. Board-level simulation is also known under the names rapid or virtual prototyping and sometimes system simulation. The purpose of Board-level simulation is to verify the behaviour of the board design.

The complete example directory containing the VHDL code example has been tared and compressed for convenient retrieval.

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