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Proba-2 during thermal test
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Companies Item
QinetiQ Space nv S/C
Apco Technologies SA Alu and CFRP Structures for Panels
Spacebel OBSW - CDMS, SVF, Ground Segment
NGC Aerospace Ltd AOCS Algorithms
Technical University of Denmark Advanced Stellar Compass
Saft Battery
SSTL Propulsion Subsystem
Bradford Engineering BV Cool Gas Generator
Dynacon Inc. Qualified Reaction Wheels
Galileo Avionica Photovoltaic Assembly
Micro-cameras & Space Exploration Miniature Camera
Centre Spatial de Liège SWAP (Sun Watcher using APS)
Centre Spatial de Liège LYRA (Lyman-Alpha Radiometer )

Galileo Avionica Bepi Colombi Star Tracker
TNO Digital Sun Sensor
Alcatel Espace GPS Receiver / Position Sensor
Centre Spatial de Liège Solar Array Concentrator
Technical University of Denmark Science Grade Vector Magnetometer (SGVM)
Verhaert ADPMS
Czech Academy of Sciences DSLP (Dual Segmented Langmuir Probes)
Czech Academy of Sciences Thermal Plasma Measurement Unit
Lusospace Lusospace Magnetometer
Dutch Space Hold-down Release Mechanism (HRM)
ZARM Technik AG Magnetotorquer, ZMM-Magnetometer
MPB Communications Inc. FSD (Fiber Optic Sensor Demonstrator)
DLR GPS Receiver
ESA Retro-Reflector
ETCA, DeltaTec Instrument Electronics Interface
STT-SystemTechnik GmbH S-band TT&C

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