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Competence Domain 10: Astrodynamics / Space Debris / Space Environment

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The table below provides an overview of selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 10. The articles themselves are linked with the activity title (highlighted in blue font). Moreover, information on the contractors, the Programme, the year of closure as well as the Service Domain are provided. The camera icons on the right hand side of the table indicate the availability of further video and/or audio content related to the activity.

The article itself provides also the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the activity as well as its Programme reference. If you would like to have further information on a specific activity, please feel free to contact the TRP & GSTP Programme management.

Selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 10

IRPN TU Dresden (DE, Prime), Airbus DS (DE), AstosSolutions (DE), Jena-Optronik(DE) GSTP 2017 GEN
Phase B1 of an Active Debris Removal mission Airbus DS (DE) GSTP 2017 GEN
Space object attitude estimation from ISAR images by applying techniques from computer vision  GMV (ES), GMB (PT) TRP 2016  GEN