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Competence Domain 2: Structures / Mechanisms / Materials / Thermal

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The table below provides an overview of selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 2. The articles themselves are linked with the activity title (highlighted in blue font). Moreover, information on the contractors, the Programme, the year of closure as well as the Service Domain are provided. The camera icons on the right hand side of the table indicate the availability of further video and/or audio content related to the activity.

The article itself provides also the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the activity as well as its Programme reference. If you would like to have further information on a specific activity, please feel free to contact the TRP & GSTP Programme management.

Selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 2

Development of thermal insulation for planetary landers and rovers RUAG Space (AT) GSTP 2017 EXP
Limited resources manufacturing technologies Fotec (AT) TRP 2017  EXP
3D printing of a model building block for a lunar base outer shell DLR (DE) GSTP 2017 GEN
Long Life Efficient Contactless Magnetic Gear for Space (Optimagdrive) Mag Soar (ES) TRP 2017 GEN  
Passive Damped Deployment of Full Composite Structures Comet Ingenieria (ES), Prosix Engineering (ES) TRP 2017 GEN
Near-sun mission heat-shield material assessment AAC (AT), CNRS (FR), TRAD (FR), Astrium (FR) TRP 2016 SCI
Sustainable materials concept Airbus DS (DE), Inspire (CH) TRP 2016  EXP
Demonstrator of Carbon anisogrid payload adapter EADS Casa Espacio (ES), Componeering (FI), AAC (AT) TRP 2016  ST
Impact of thermo-mechanical loading history on mechanical properties and verification of aerospace materials INTALES (AT), Airbus (DE), Un. Offenburg (DE) TRP  2016  ST 
Zero-Boil Off Propulsion System Feasibility Demonstration Alta (IT), Absolute Systems (FR) TRP  2016  ST
Low cost reflector moulds Airbus DS (ES), Univ. Girona (ES) TRP 2016  TEL 
Reliability of mechanical systems & parts Matrisk (CH), Jena-Optronik (DE), Space Structures (DE) TRP   2016 GEN
Heat pump conceptual study and design NLR (NL), Celeroton (CH) TRP 2016 GEN
Multiple evaporator & multiple reservoir loop heat pipe Iberespacio (ES), Thales Alenia Space (IT) TRP 2016 GEN
Alu-Ti Welding demonstration and  Pre-Qualification Omnidea-RTG (DE), IWS (DE), Omnidea (PT) GSTP 2016 GEN
Small Scale Cooler RAL (GB) TRP  2016  GEN 
Characterisation of Metallic Materials  AAC (AT) TRP  2016  GEN 
Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) as high performance metallic material Prime: AAC (AT) TRP 2016  GEN
Contactless Angular Position Sensor (CAPS) RUAG (CH) GSTP 2016  GEN



Identification of structural components damping characteristics at microvibration level  HTS GmbH (DE)  GSTP  2016  GEN   
Development and Characterisation of Advanced Metal Matrix Composites Tecnalia (ES) GSTP  2016 GEN   
Development of in-situ material characterisation with original cryogenic fluids Energie Technologie (DE) GSTP  2016  GEN   
Composite Space Structures Modelling and Analysis Software (COSSMAS) Prime: SamTEch (BE) GSTP  2016  GEN 


Adapting Crystalsol product to a moon environment Crystasol (EE), Univ. Tallinn (EE)  GSTP  2016  GEN   
In-orbit manufacturing of very long booms Magna Parva (UK) GSTP 2015 GEN


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