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Competence Domain 5: End-to-end RF & Optical Systems and Products for Navigation, Communication & Remote Sensing

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The table below provides an overview of selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 5. The articles themselves are linked with the activity title (highlighted in blue font). Moreover, information on the contractors, the Programme, the year of closure as well as the Service Domain are provided. The camera icons on the right hand side of the table indicate the availability of further video and/or audio content related to the activity.

The article itself provides also the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the activity as well as its Programme reference. If you would like to have further information on a specific activity, please feel free to contact the TRP & GSTP Programme management.

Selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 5

GPS/Galileo Receiver Signal techniques for Launchers Thales Alenia Space (BE), Septentrio (BE) TRP 2017 ST
On-Board Processor for Dual Polarization Mobile Payloads Airbus DS (GB), Airbus DS (FR) TRP 2017 TEL
Advanced Signal-In-Space Techniques (ADVISE) Universität der Bundeswehr München (DE), WISER S.r.l (IT), ENAC (FR) and Johaneum Research (A) TRP 2017 NAV
European Schottky Technology - Phase 1B Tyndall National Institute (IE), Farran Technology (IE) GSTP 2017 GEN
Scalable Large Area SiPM SensL (IE) GSTP 2017 GEN
Single GaN chip HPA/LNA for Radar Applications


TNO (NL), UMS (FR), Airbus Defense and Space (DE)

TRP 2016 EO
Optical Reference Cavities for Space Deployment (ORCS) National physical laboratory, NPL (GB) GSTP 2016 EO
Innovative materials for super black low-weight/low-cost baffles Prime: Lux. Inst. of Science and Technology (LU) TRP 2016 EO
Optical correlator testbed for high-resolution imaging from Geostationary Orbit Prime: TU Dresden (DE) TRP 2016  EO 
HyperScout® (former Hypercube) Cosine Research (NL), Science and Technology (NO), VITO (BE) GSTP 2016 EO
Advanced laser ranging technologies for altimetry Prime: Cosine (NL) TRP  2016  EO 
STREEGO - Innovative solutions for high resolution small satellites MEDIALARIO (IT) GSTP 2016  EO
Focal Plane Assembly Technology Development for SPICA/SAFARI STICHTING RUIMTE ONDERZOEK (NL) GSTP 2016  SCI
Robust TM system for future launchers Prime: VTT (FI)  TRP  2016  ST 
Opto-microwave based Front-End for a multi-beam large Direct Radiating Array Antenna DAS Photonics (ES) TRP 2016 TEL
Advanced Propagation Tool for Satellite Air Traffic Management and aeronautical communications ONERA (FR), DLR (DE), Un. Louvain (BE) TRP  2016 TEL 
Photonic RF Filtering DAS Photonics (ES) TRP  2016 TEL
Ground to Space Threat Simulator (GSTS) Prime: Qascom (IT) TRP 2016  NAV 
PARIS IOD Interferometric technique: Proof of concept Prime: IEEC (ES) TRP  2016  GEN 
Design & build 94Ghz radar front end modules ARRALIS (IE) GSTP  2016 GEN
Bimorph adaptive large optical mirror demonstrator (BIALOM) Prime: Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE) GSTP  2016 GEN
Large Aperture Telescope Technology Prime: OHB-CGS (IT) TRP  2015  EO 
Alternative polishing layers on ceramic materials for high performance optical mirrors Reosc (FR) TRP  2015 EO 
Cryogenic testing of a Brazed Optical Quality SiC Mirror  AMOS (BE) GSTP 2015 SCI
Adaptive deformable mirrors for space instruments Münster Univ. of Applied Sciences (DE) GSTP 2015 GEN