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Competence Domain 7: Propulsion, Space Transportation and Re-entry Vehicles

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The table below provides an overview of selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 7. The articles themselves are linked with the activity title (highlighted in blue font). Moreover, information on the contractors, the Programme, the year of closure as well as the Service Domain are provided. The camera icons on the right hand side of the table indicate the availability of further video and/or audio content related to the activity.

The article itself provides also the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the activity as well as its Programme reference. If you would like to have further information on a specific activity, please feel free to contact the TRP & GSTP Programme management.

Selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 7

Supersonic parachute test on a MAXUS flight Vorticity Limited (GB), Fluid Gravity Engineering Ltd (GB) GSTP  2017  EXP 
Experimental investigation of cryogenic two-phase-flow Prime: Airbus Safran Launchers (DE) GSTP 2017 ST
Flow-Structure coupling for hypersonic flows Regime – Part 3  Open-Engineering S.A. (BE)  GSTP 2017 GEN
Advanced Particle Filters NanoSpace (SE) GSTP 2017 GEN 
Qualification of a Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPTCUP) for Cubesat Application Mars Space Ltd (UK), Clyde Space (UK) TRP 2016 ST
Enhancement of VKI Plasmatron Operational Capabilities Von Karman Institute (BE)  GSTP 2016 ST
Cryogenic Valve Seal  Energie Technologie (DE) , Astrium GmbH (DE) GSTP  2016  ST 
Enhanced power sources compatible with extended thermal environment CEA-LITEN (FR), Airbus DS (FR)  TRP 2016 ST
Development of a low thrust bipropellant thruster based on green propellants Fotec (AT) GSTP  2016  ST 
Development of Flexible Cryogenic Insulation Active Aerogel (PT) TRP 2016 ST
Study on the Technology Demonstration Platform Availability and Synergies GOM Space (DE)  GSTP 2016  GEN 
ASTOS Market-Oriented Activities  Astos Solutions GmbH (DE) GSTP  2016 GEN
RADID – Rapid Assessment of Design Impact on Debris Generation   ASTOS Solutions (DE), HTG (DE), Airbus DS GmbH (DE) GSTP  2016  GEN 
Development of a Fuel / Oxidiser Compatible Diaphragm MT Aerospace (GB) TRP  2016 GEN


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