Drawing of adapter
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Demonstrator of Carbon anisogrid payload adapter

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ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology / Shaping the Future
 Programme:  TRP Workplan  Achieved TRL: 6
 Reference:  T420-303MS   Closure: 2016
 Contractor(s):  EADS Casa Espacio (ES), Componeering (FI), AAC (AT) 

Lattice technology for large carbon structure is not available in “western” Europe.

Lattice technology offers significant gain in mass, while exhibiting tremendous strength capability.

Demonstration of lattice technology encompassing manufacturing processes, design, manufacturing and full scale test, of a VEGA adapter.

Computer model of adapter
Computer model of adapter

Achievements and status
A lot of attention was drawn to the technology definition/justification, covering node design and transition areas. A large amount of testing has been performing, on “simple” samples until fully representative cylindrical demonstrator(s).

These tests were successful, and allowed identifying critical design parameters, and validate the main design features for the final full scale VEGA adapter.

Test set-up
Test set-up

As an illustration of load capability of such structure, the cylindrical demonstrator(s) (fully representative of the lower part of the final VEGA adapter) have demonstrated a tremendous load capability of 96t, while weighting less than 10kg !

Lower mass compared to conventional CFRP structure, and offering additional advantages for (future) satellite application (stable structure, no openings needed for harness/piping, …).

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