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How can I register as an economic operator?

Economic operators wishing to do business with ESA not yet registered as potential tenderer, are requested to complete the online questionnaire on the ESA EMITS website under “Entity registration”. Further information on the registration process can be found at the INDUSTRY OUTLOOK pages. As of the completion of the questionnaire in INDUSTRY OUTLOOK, registered economic operators will have to update the questionnaire on an annual  basis.  

How can I register in EMITS ?

In order to have access to the TDE Invitations to Tender (ITTs, soon to be replaced by OSIP) each tenderer must register in EMITS. Information regarding the registration can be found here

Can I have access to the TDE Work Plans?

The TDE Work Plans are not publicly available. The industry can have access to them through their National Delegation. Intended ITTs are published in EMITS.  

How can I participate in an open TDE Invitation to Tender (ITT)?

The Industry from the ESA Member States can participate in an open ITT, but from 2019 this will be replaced by OSIP. 

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