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About Optics & Opto-Electronics Laboratory (OOEL)

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The Optics & Opto-Electroncis Laboratory (OOEL) is a joint laboratory of the Optics (TEC-MMO) and Opto-Electroncis (TEC-MME) sections at ESTEC. The OOEL provides expert advice with a state-of-the-art ISO17025 accredited laboratory:

  •   to evaluate promising novel technologies prior to industrial activities
  •   to independently assess the outcome of industrial activities in support to ESA’s projects and Research & Development efforts
  •   to experimentally support root-cause-analysis for system or component level malfunctions
  •   to provide, to maintain hands-on experience and competence of staff and trainees (Young Graduate Trainees and interns)


We provide services in the following domains:

  •    Stray light (angle resolved scatterometry and BRDF) and analysis
  •    High resolution spectral transmittance and reflectance (200 to 2500 nm)
  •    Surface form and wavefront error (633 nm)
  •    Microscopic surface topography and 2d roughness profilometry (white light interferometry)
  •    Ellipsometry of surfaces and coatings
  •    Image magnification and distortion (30 cm off axis collimator)
  •    Solar simulator absolute irradiance radiometry

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