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Réaltra Space wins contract to monitor Ariane 6 launches

27/06/2019 1159 views 22 likes
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An Irish space company will design, develop and deliver on-board live telemetry for Europe’s next-generation Ariane 6 launch vehicle under a contract signed yesterday.

Réaltra Space signed the agreement with ArianeGroup, the prime contractor to ESA for the development of Ariane 6.

The company will provide live video images from cameras located on board Ariane 6, showing each stage of the launch.

The first Ariane 6 flight is scheduled to take place in 2020.

Ariane 6 has a modular structure that has three stages that propel it to space: either two or four strap-on solid rocket motors; followed by a core stage; and an upper stage.

The robust cameras supplied by Dublin-based Réaltra Space will capture the moments at which the stages separate as the rocket soars up through the atmosphere on its way to space.

John Halligan, Minister for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development in the Irish government, said: “The awarding of this contract is a significant achievement for Réaltra and demonstrates how Irish space companies can succeed in the delivery of cutting-edge space technologies. The world-class activities in Réaltra are building the reputation of Ireland’s space technology sector in the global marketplace and creating high-value jobs in Irish companies.”

Paddy White, chief executive of Realtime Technologies, which established Réaltra in 2018, said: “We are very proud that our Réaltra division in Realtime Technologies has been selected by ArianeGroup to join their industrial team for the development of the Independent Video Kit for the iconic Ariane 6 launch vehicle. The selection of Réaltra by ArianeGroup is a testament to the hard work, deep experience and high standards displayed by our staff.”